AD5QA - Amateur Radio Station

Current Location
Brazil - PU2FTU

My Grandfather (KK4YN) got me hooked on radios and electronics in 1992, I began reading and asking questions about ham radio and what was in his shack. Later, at the National Scout Jamboree in 1993 (Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia) I received my CSCE for Novice Written element. JOTA had a radio station set up to use, but I never did make a QSO, I just spent plenty of time watching and listening to the waves. Thereafter, the Jamboree I spent lots of time studying for the Technician Plus, which I passed at the next exam session I attended gaining the callsign KE4GPB. A few months later I earned the 5 wpm Morse Code element with the callsign KE4RLX. While working to pass the 13WPM test they removed code requirement. 

Operating Status

Currently I am located in Goiania, Goias, Brazil and pending my IATU for operating. In addition since I am a permanent resident I am trying to obtain a Brazilian License.